Saturday, 5 December 2015

Astrology remedies for business

Astrologer is those who help us in any ways and provide the solution of all problems, astrology also suggest when you are facing any king of the problem in the business, if your business are not growing then astrology will help you, if in malice hard working when you are not growing the business in proper growing in the business then there must be something wrong in your life, there are must be some planets which are not supporting you to get real growth in your business life, only astrology can remedies your problem by analyzing your horoscope or kundli. Horoscope and kundli represent that what are the planets which are creating obstacles.
Remedies of business problem changes as per the type of the problem which your are facings take the help of the astrology and move in the way of success.

Astrology some remedies which will help you.

1.       Every Saturday hang a green lemon with 7 chilly and a piece of coal on the entry door of the business place and shop.
2.       On every Amavas give dhuni of rai on your business place to remove bad energy it will lead to increase in sales.
3.       You can put a Siddha Vyappar vridhhi yantra on your business place which will increase your business.
4.       Siddha shree yantra is also good for business and if it installed in right place in right time, you can increase easily increase the business sales.
5.       Always make Swastika at the entrance door on your business place which will increase the good luck and helps to increase sales and business. 


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